Thursday, 23 September 2010

Some Epic Hotels

Check these stylish muthas out.

The Above is a capsule-based hotel in the netherlands.Not sure it's my idea of a good hotel though, I'd probably be sea sick.

This is an ice hotel in canada. Hotel Du Glace.

This is the Waterworld Hotel in China. Beautiful.

And This last one I've actually had the pleasure of staying in :3
When I was in stockholm. This isn't strictly a hotel, so forgive me. But it's a hostel, so I'm sure the extra s won't infuriate y'all.

You guys been anywhere awesome?


  1. wow! the waterworld hotel from china looks so freaking awesome!

  2. I'd stay in the capsule hotel

  3. I like the ice one as well. I haven't really even left my home state much lol.

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